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Redemption mod project: A merge between Diablo 1 and Diablo2

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 8:22
by Ogodei
Hello guys, long time no see. I've been inactive for a veery long time. That's due to private life stuffs and the fact I moved to Diablo 2 modmaking, temporarily quitting Belzebub & Tchernobog.
However, I'm working on a project that will use Diablo 2 as base to insert several elements of Diablo 1 (if possible, recreate the whole game and also insert new D1 themed features).
Here's the video, made in coop with my girlfriend to spot bugs and similar stuffs. As you can see, there is the sorcerer from diablo 1 (it's almost fully converted: all of the armors animations are done, I only miss bow and axe :) )

The preparations for this mod took a very long time, almost 1 year! That's because I had to manually work frame-per-frame on diablo 1 animations in order to remove the shadow from them and avoid the "double shadow bug" as I call it (If you didn't know, D1 doesn't draw any shadow, because they're already made in the frame \ tile, while D2 actually projects a shadow based on the sprite). I also darkened all of the frames and made them bigger to match D2 style
I'm still working on improving dungeons and monsters and redesigning the characters. The Warlock (D1 sorceror) is almost done, but I will convert rogue, warrior and monk animations as well to use along with some of the vanilla D2 Characters.

Here you go. All that you see in the video is done by myself. I used no premade plugins :)

I'm using a pet-centric build (summons & buffs), while my girlfriend is going elementalist (magic, lightning, fire) [Part 1] ... [Part 2]

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 17:14
by Noktis
Hi Ogodei, you should check "Back to Hellfire" - mod for D2

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 17:42
by Ogodei
Hi Noktis, nice to see you again :)

Yeah, I know about BTH, and in fact I like the mod very much. What I'm going to do, though, is very different from Back to Hellfire, and you can notice it by comparing the features of the videos I posted.
What I'm aiming to is recreating the whole Diablo 1 game in Diablo 2, with new features ofc (I wouldn't like it to be just a copy \ paste of D1 into D2, and you can already see it with the character we're playing: a demonic summoner \ elementalist mage. Also, to keep in line with Diablo 1 there are all of the monster colors as well as the dungeons palettes).

P.s I also plan to include every quests from Diablo 1, even the cut ones, as well as brand new quests that I'll invent from time to time

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 18:17
by Noktis
Sounds good :)

Did you try remove shadow by trn?

Posted: 31 Jul, 2017 18:38
by Ogodei
Yep I did, but while it's good for mobs like Goatmen, which use no black inside the animation, it's devastating for other mobs such as black knights, succubi, leoric, magma demons & so on, that use black not only for the shadow, but even for the sprite itself. Here's an example about what I had to do.


Let's take a succubus as example. If you remove black, you'll get a part of the boots and a half of the wings erased as well (resulting in transparency when playing D2). I had to manually de-shade each frame and make a new deshaded .cl2, with reordered frames as well (D2 uses a direction counting system different than the one used in D1... yay -_-") . After that, I had to apply the trn to the deshaded one and extract the cl2 again into bmp frames. Those frames need rework with gimp (bigger and darker) and then to be converted into a gif. At last, the gif needs to be converted in DCC format (Diablo 2's cl2). That's the only way I found in order to import Diablo 1 anims into D2 without bugs or unwanted features :\

Nonetheless, this method is at least useful to make completely new and custom colors such as the purple or green succubi shown in the videos avoiding reordering and deshading the frames :).

Re: Redemption mod project: A merge between Diablo 1 and Diablo2

Posted: 06 Sep, 2022 5:15
by Ugily
forwarded from fb mod page

Ogodei's Redemption Mod - Poisoned Water Supply quest.