Bug: Butchers chamber portal not opening (Solved)

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Bug: Butchers chamber portal not opening (Solved)

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Hi all, Im very new to Belzebub and started playing yesterday after reading a lot about it. Started a new character and got to the butchers chamber. I deciphered the code and opened the TP in the butchers chamber to get the red portal to open the first time.

Here is the problem. After fighting it out with the butcher I had to go back to town. But as I was about to repair my gear, my game crashed. I rebooted my game and now I cant reopen the red portal anymore. This prevents me from finishing the quest. Please help me, what can I do?

I actually reinstalled the game and it worked as intended. The portal reopened. *MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR SAVES SOMEWHERE ELSE BEFORE REINSTALLING*
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Re: Bug: Butchers chamber portal not opening (Solved)

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Great! I like your solution :D
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