How old were you in 1997, and why are you still playing D ?

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How old were you in 1997, and why are you still playing D ?

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I was 16, now I'm still enjoying this game because of nostalgia, searching for items, new quests and bosses. It's just relaxing me.
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Post by Wendigo »

I swore off new games a few years back. There's just too much toxicity and open greed in the industry for me to feel good about giving them my money. Plus it's been a great role model for me to aspire to; some of my friends and I are learning how to code our own games to share and this is a shining example of what I can maybe hope to do some day.
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Post by danielson »

- Simple (doesn't show tons of stuff on your screen and doesn't have tons of stuff to keep in mind, and becase of that it doesn't give headache but it's actually enjoyable?)

- Graphics of a Game (I might be an idiot but I like games that still "look" and "function" like a game, today's games give off too much reality feeling. If I want reality then I shut down my computer and go out to...........)

- Nostalgia (I actually played the Vanilla Diablo 1 after I got to know Diablo 2 because I had my Pentium 75mhz 32mb ram later)

Another good 2D rpg game from old time is NoX from Westwood (it's a bit different than Diablo but definitely recommended for Diablo fans to play)
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Post by SkyrosX2 »

I was 8 in 1996, and I remember I would pick EVERY SINGLE ITEM that dropped and go back to town and sell them, because I thought that if I had a LOT of gold, I would be VERY STRONG! lol :lol: So much time wasted in town for a few hundred gold... ;P

I agree with all that danielson said. I did play D2 and D3, but when it comes to have fun... it's Diablo-Belzebub I return to!
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Re: How old were you in 1997, and why are you still playing D ?

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I was 4
Because I still love it so much
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