Windows Update Error

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Windows Update Error

Post by nickrobin »

I have recently bought a router and installed it on my system and my system runs Windows 7 OS. I cannot install the router properly as it shows an error on my system. I have searched this on the Internet to solve the error, and there I have learned about the Windows update error code 8007000e. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error?
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Post by Wendigo »

Once you have internet, follow these steps to force your computer to update. ... s/#slide-1

Sorry, there's no workaround for this step if you don't have internet. You'll have to drag your system to a friend's house or something, which will be a pain since based on your rough description, the updates might very well take a day or more. Please tell your computer to automatically check for updates in the future and consider upgrading your system to a newer OS.

Also please don't provide shady links. :evil:
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