The Lore of Tristram

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The Lore of Tristram

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1. So this has been bugging me. Does anybody know the lore on how big Tristram was before the coming of Diablo, King Leoric, and all the bad stuff? Certain dialogues in the game seem to indicate it was pretty big, and if nothing else that cathedral is pretty massive (for a medieval church, at least), but shouldn't there be at least burned down huts and, you know, a road out of town if that were so?

2. Outside of Diablo's soulstone being buried there and there's a portal to literal hell, how does the lore account for all the other crap that's conveniently below this one church? Both the Chamber of Bone and Arkaine are buried in the catacombs, but the dialogue makes it appear as if these are lost treasures sought after by many and found by few. Like, I get that your average citizen isn't going to just take a stroll through the ancient catacombs but you'd think the janitor might happen to mention that the unbelievable treasures the multitudes have sought is right next to the mop closet.
...and again, sure, this is an ancient cathedral, but wouldn't that belong in a much larger town where everybody lives in something stronger than windowless huts?

3. I get that this is an alternate universe where everyone worships the Light instead of a god, but why is there Gothic plate and no guns? The Gothic era was started because guns were invented, and the whole point of Gothic plate was that it's molded edges and thickness kept you from getting shot in the face. And the church is neo-Gothic!
...also holy crap, why are there no guns in this game? I really enjoy the idea of wheeling a cannon into Diablo's chamber and just sitting there waiting for him to get into firing range.
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