The native version of Diablo is available for Windows, Linux

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The native version of Diablo is available for Windows, Linux

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I think it will be the interesting project that helps you to run Diablo on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (Intel):

Freeablo has the website and forum.

You can observe changes in the source code of this project hosted at GitHub:

I want to indicate that seven issues with Freeablo have to be solved before the new version 0.4 will be released:

Closed issues:

player starts with correct inventory
refactor main.cpp
sync of generated levels
basic sync of player actor
level generation for dungeon level 4
melee combat

Open issues:

change player sprite according to what they have equipped
refactor rendering
NPC ai Feature
actor stats required for combat
sync of npcs in levels
Basic multiplayer Feature

The author is planning many changes in the new version of Freeablo, but this information is probably the most interesting for users:

"Hey, so not much has been happening in the past month or so because work was pretty hectic for me and I had no free time to work on freeablo.
The good news is that has changed. MP is pretty close to done, expect a proper video of that soon.
Also, the forums were absolutely inundated with spam, that’s been fixed now, and hopefully won’t happen again, as I’ve enabled captchas for signup."
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