Diablo III: 2000 paragon level !

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Diablo III: 2000 paragon level !

Post by Obishedo »

Ryuzaki#2177 is first player with 2000 paragon level (non ladder softcore). Congratulations!

http://eu.battle.net/d3/pl/profile/Ryuz ... o/27408637
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Post by DiabloHIMSELF »

no way dude i got in diablo 3 paragon 1100 and i played about 1200 hours..^^

but there now dudes who got like paragon 4000< cause the patches made the heros stronger and let them gain way more experience m8

they play now about grift +110 speedruns...but next patch 2.4.2 they'll RIP this shit what means no higher paras anymore! :) :wink:
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