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Posted: 03 May, 2020 22:12
by En1gma
I have been playing Diablo games since the beginning, but only in the Beelzebub mod have I had this much trouble with something so banal. Walking. For some reason whenever I click, the character will quite often walk in the opposite direction, even multiple times. Whether it is a hidden barrel, an enemy that suddenly moves, or whatever. In no other Diablo game, sequel, or mod that I have played have I ever had this much trouble. It happens a lot. Anyone else experiencing this with this mod?

Re: Walking?

Posted: 06 May, 2020 22:31
by SkyrosX2
I have played this mod for years. I have been in this forum for years as well.
I have never had any issues like this, and I have never heard of anyone having any similar issues either.

Re: Walking?

Posted: 06 May, 2020 23:09
by Ugily
If the location that you clicked is blocked for some reason, the pathfinding algorithm will attempt to circumnavigate the line of sight blockage.