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Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 17 Jan, 2020 10:09
by LuisMenethil
Hello guys. I know Belzebub's last update was in 2014, so I think it's some compatibility issue. About two years ago, I installed and played the Belzebub mod normally. Last week I missed Diablo 1 and decided to download the mod again to play. The problem is that this time the game is crashing frequently and at random, I couldn't notice any action causing the game to crash. I'm playing on a low end PC (Windows 10) and the game is pretty smooth with stable FPS. What could be the problem?
I really like this mod because it has brought together several qualities of Diablo II and made the gameplay of the first game more enjoyable. Too bad Hellfire' content (and classes) have never been added.
Thank you for your attention.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2020 0:41
by qndel
The only possible reason I can think of is OneDrive. Disable it if you have it on

Posted: 18 Jan, 2020 4:07
by LuisMenethil
I tried to disable OneDrive and even disconnect it from the operating system, preventing it from booting with the system. It didn't work, the random crashings continue. Wouldn't the problem be my old low end PC? It has an old AMD E1-1500 APU (1.48 GHz) with Radeon HD 7310 Graphics. The system have 4 GB of RAM.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2020 6:43
by SkyrosX2
I think it's unlikely to be your PC. But it's worth trying on another PC if you have one.
I have heard of quite a few people complaining about frequent crashes in Belzebub... not sure if there is a definitive solution for this, or if it's just something different for everyone.
I also did have this problem for a while. I had a level 52 Rogue right about to beat Diablo in Torment for the first time, and the game started to crash frequently. I could never play more than 10-15 minutes. And this had never happened before, in years.
I downloaded a new copy of the mod and a new copy of Diablo.mpq. Then I grabbed an older version of my save file (Rogue was level 50, it was before the crashes started happening) and played with it. This fixed my problem, I lost lost some gear and a couple levels, no big deal.
Always keep a couple recent versions of back up of your save files!!!

Re: Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 21 Jul, 2020 6:02
by LuisMenethil
Hello. Any news on the development of the mod? I would like to play Belzebub again but the game continues to crash randomly. I tried to play the multiplayer version (Tchernobog) but it does not contain all quests. Do you intend to ever update/fix the Belzebub version?
I tried other available mods for Diablo 1 but found them all very hardcore for a casual player. :shock: :oops:

Re: Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 21 Jul, 2020 15:34
by Juggernought
I think, the problem in windows 10 :-) But i can't prove that

Re: Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 22 Jul, 2020 3:37
by LuisMenethil
I don't know if it's my impression or coincidence, but the game crashes more often when I'm talking to/buying from Griswold.

The only difference between the Belzebub version and the Tchernobog version is the lack of quests?

Juggernought, any idea what exactly in Windows 10 is causing this? Does the Tchernobog version have these crashes?

I hope this can be fixed one day. I love the Diablo 2 style of this mod. :mrgreen:

Re: Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 22 Jul, 2020 10:18
by Juggernought
Sorry, don't know. I played belzebub on windows 7 32bit notebook with ati radeon x2300 video card . I have 5 characters except assasin, level 49-59, and i had about 5 crashes without any reasons for 2 years. I mean, sometimes game crashes when i pause game and put the notebook in sleep mode, once it crashed when i eqipped sword and shield with 2 spells each(cast xx when stack, cast yy when hit, so on) then character been hit, the game drawed a spell effect and crashed. After restarting game all was ok, no problems with the gear. But i read many forums, where people say "my favorite openGL 2.0 game crashes/not working on windows 10", without normal answers how to fix it. So i do not use win10. And i don't like tchernobog, so can't say much about it
Did you tried start belzebub in xp/whatever compatibility mode?

Re: Belzebub Crashing

Posted: 23 Jul, 2020 7:14
by LuisMenethil
Yes, I've tried with and without the compatibility options marked (Running as Admin too). According to your experience with the game (very like my own), seems like the crashes are practically random. I played on an old low end notebook too. However I used Windows 10. But according to you crashes occur in Windows 7 too. It's difficult to say a precise cause. Only solution is to wait for the mod to be updated one day. It's been 6 years (2014) since the last update.