Items level requirement

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Items level requirement

Post by cernakus »

Hello is there any easy way to change or rid of character level requirement for items? I want to equip windforce bow, but clvl 50 is almost impossible to achieve with occasional playing. And increasing clvl with cheat engine somehow destroy part of fun of playing (no leveling at all even on hell difficulty witch is difficult to survive).
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Post by SkyrosX2 »

I have never heard of a way to change level or attribute requirements.

But, honestly, if you are playing Rogue, you can beat Hell difficulty with weaker bows than Windforce. And if you can beat Hell you can get to level 50 with not a lot of effort by doing dlvl 16 in Hell difficulty (took me a week to go from level 41 to 50).
Moreover, usually the best bow for Rogue is the Heartseeker. So even if you got to leel 50 to use Windforce, you would change it for the Heartseeker as soon as you found one.

If you want the Windforce because of the Mana Steal, I would suggest using Mavina's Belt (Set Item), or any jewlery with Mana Steal.
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Post by DavidK »

With 100% Knockback is Windforce a good Bow for Enemys u dont like them near you.
Maby its a good Bow on the change second Hand.
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Post by Wendigo »

Knockback is so double-edged on bows. On the one hand, it's really nice keeping the monster hoards from advancing, on the other it's annoying when you're just trying to shoot one particular boss and you knock it behind a grunt. I label it under player choice for whether it's worthwhile.

If you want to play around with high-level equipment I'd suggest going to this thread ... t1955.html
where the user contra has already given you max-level characters and equipment to play around with (you have to cut and paste the whole link in his signature, for some reason it cuts it off after the !); you can test it all out for yourself to see if it's worth the grinding without worrying about corrupting your game or main characters (be sure not to save over them though with the new files). Although I personally agree with SkyrosX2, it's just fun as hell dropping a Rogue into Hell and letting her go off the chain for a few levels worth of grinding.
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Post by cernakus »

week to spare with oldie game? No can do!

Unfortunately I am not kid anymore. Have 5 hours per week for guilty pleasure. With such weak "hour donation" it will be months to get windforce on may rogue. True to say, its only nostalgia. In original Diablo 1 20 years ago (holly shit, this is one old game. Also I am old :-() Windforce was ultimate bow I get in middle of the game and than it was piece o cake. Walking god :-)

Ok, i will take a shot with Wendigo's recommendation. thanks guys
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Post by hldemi »

just try windforce with compatibility mode on .
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Post by Ugily »

There are items that reduce required stat requirements. Are there any items that reduce item level requirements? If not, that would be a nice new unique item to add to the list.
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Post by Jarring »

hldemi wrote: 23 Apr, 2018 13:42 just try windforce with compatibility mode on .
What is compatibility mode?? does it have chances to drop all the original unique items?? I think it would be super interesting if the original Windforce and Grandfather/Stormshield/etc. dropped as well. OFC they aren't nearly as good as the new ones, but they can be used at level 1.
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Re: Items level requirement

Post by SkyrosX2 »

The "compatibility mode on" is just a recurring joke, bro, it's not a real solution for your issue ;P
There is no way to mess with "lvl requirement". Just forget WindForce and find a HeartSeeker. ;)
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