Max attributes for classes

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Max attributes for classes

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Hello, does someone here know what are the maximum attributes for each class? I looked in data files here on forum posts, but can't find any.
In old Diablo 1, there was for example for Sorcerer max Magic 250 and max Strength 45.

I started a game with Sorcerer and have now Strength 80 and it seems I can get even more. So is it for example 100 for Strength and 500 for Magic?

The game is definitely harder than old Diablo 1. Now I am at level 29 and still can't defeat Diablo (on easiest difficulty). On my best attempt I was able to reduce only a third of his life...
I have over 250 magic, but it still seems I am too weak. I think I have at least decent items, I even found the unique staff Immolator (with +4 bonus to all) which I never found in old Diablo).

By the way, I didn't know about this forum, I just got the game files from my friend, just to remember the old times, so I didn't know about many new features and was looking for a book of Mana Shield for nearly a month, before coming to this forum :-)

Anyways, thank you for all of this. It have brought me (and still is) many fond memories.
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Re: Max attributes for classes

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since there are no idiotic elixirs that give permanent stats, there's no cap
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