French version for 9yo kid ? :)

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French version for 9yo kid ? :)

Post by Gkwan »

Dear All,
My kid (9yo) is playing with me with the only LAN Multiplayer version I could find stable, ie Tchernobog (0.1.6c)
Do you know any way to have it in French ?
On this site I found the patch.mpq FR for Belzebub, I tried it out, it translates only the text of the quests apparently, nothing on the UI or items, is it correct ?
It seems impossible to use this patch.mpq with Tchernobog : correct ?
He's smart but explaining to him all the details in a language he's only started learning is tough.

So to wrap it up : do you know/think it may exist a multiplayer patch for any version, with the most possible stuff in French ? (not only the quests / gossip texts).

Thanks a lot in advance if you can answer this
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Re: French version for 9yo kid ? :)

Post by qndel »

no, at best you can get the same effect as in belzebub, english item stats are hardcoded
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