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Why was the Hellfire expansion never added to Belzebub/Tchernobog? I've always loved the way the Crypt levels looked, and it would have added even more content in a mod full of extra content.
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Re: Belzebub/Hellfire

Post by Ugily »

Qndel team has mentioned that they are incorporating Hellfire content into DevolutionX: Infernity 2
Maybe that mod will also preserve some of the Belzebub/Tchernobog added content and features.

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Re: Belzebub/Hellfire

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I think it's the same reason as for any mod based on vanilla Diablo - Hellfire was reverse engineered quite recently unlike original game. Though, Brightlord has written the whole code for the game by himself, making use of diabdat.mpq assets. That having said, I kinda don't know why he didn't build around Hellfire assets in the first place. But I'm no programmer so can't tell if such thing was also possible and BL just decided not to do so. Anyway, Hellfire stuff can now be used anywhere so there is a possibility of it being added to Tchernobog, if Qndel & friends decide to do so.
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