My diablo 1 game is not saving

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My diablo 1 game is not saving

Post by marcos.simon92 »

Hello guys, i'm having a trouble.

I installed the mod v1.045 and i played about 5 hours and the game just DONT SAVE.

It saves the level, itens, gold, but dont save the the actual level of dungeons.

when i exit the game and enter, i go to the dungeon and begin like a new game.

can anyone help how solve it?

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Re: My diablo 1 game is not saving

Post by Ugily »

You are referring to Belzebub. The forum for that is down below.

That is how it is supposed to work. The dungeons and quest encounters will respawn each new game with a fresh and different map. Completed quests will not repeat the rewards.
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